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Adventures of Thenali
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Category Animation , Bollywood
Year: 2003
Hindi DVDRip Movie Nr. 227
Audio format: Dolby Digital 2+1

Hindi DVDRip (1)

Tenali Raman was among the eight wise men who adorned King Krishna Deva Raya’s court. The King’s court is the arena where most of the outrageous battles of wit between Tenali Raman and his enemies took place. Tenali Raman was the King’s favourite and could never resist challenges – verbal or otherwise – and outwitted his adversaries every time. Laugh and rejoice over the triumphs of Tenali Raman. Imagine a land far away with colourful empires, opulent palaces and glittering courts. This is the world of Tenali - royal jester, court clown extraordinaire, the original prince of wit and favourite courtier to King Krishna, the undisputed monarch of South India. Wise and with a strong sense of justice, Tenali can never resist challenging greedy courtiers and their inflated egos in outrageous battles of wit. However, his popularity brings many enemies and none are more dangerous than the wicked Tattacharya and his half-witted sidekick, Tingery. Together, these two villains cook up evil schemes to sabotage our faithful jester but Tenali is a hero and a gentleman and in spite of these challenges, triumphs over his adversaries with humour and charm! With a touch of Bollywood and a little Hollywood, The Adventures Of Tenali is an entertaining blend of history and fantasy for children and adults.
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